We are a unique law firm concentrating on trial advocacy and litigation.  What makes our firm stand out from the rest is not only the courtroom and litigation experience, but we also know firsthand how to evaluate each case that we retain and have a deep knowledge and understanding of issues surrouning cases that are brought to trial, which is often what determines the value of any case.

This enables us to reach favorable settlements in less time and less costs to our clients.  And when we can reach a favorable settlement for our clients without the sometimes unnecessary high costs of litigation, our clients save on legal fees and costs as well. A “win-win” approach.

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Earlier this year, Mr. Pizzuto secured a $2 Million Dollar jury verdict in a sexual harassment case in New York Federal Court, attaining one of the highest verdicts for emotional distress damages awarded in such cases.

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Why Choose PGP Law Group?







We are first and foremost, trial advocates. Our litigation and trial experience is what makes us stand out from other law firms. We have tried cases from simple traffic infractions to personal injury cases yielding millions in damages.  We are tireless advocates for our clients. Thus, we only take cases we believe in and, should the case not be resolved as we expect, we take the other side to trial, where we have been most successful.  

Accidents can lead to severe and sometimes catastrophic consequences. Personal injury cases are served best by having trial attorneys at your side who have the experience and understanding on how these claims are litigated and tried before a jury. We’ve handled cases from motor-vehicle collisions, premises cases to accidents which have rendered our clients permanently disabled. If you or someone you know was seriously injured as a result of another’s negligence, please feel free to contact us for a free consultation and be sure to ask about our experience in handling some of the most serious personal injury cases in the tri-state area.  

Employment law is often complex and involves a myriad of laws and regulations, both at the state and federal level.  Because such claims usually affect the livelihood of employees and the success of their employers, employment matters are typically highly stressful and personal to both sides. Such claims can involve discrimination; harassment; wage-hour pay, classification and overtime violations, including wrongful termination, labor union dispute and workplace safety violations.  We have the knowledge and experience to service the full array of employment-related matters. In fact, we recently secured a multimillion dollar verdict in a sexual harassment case, attaining one of the highest verdicts for emotional distress damages ever recorded in such cases.  If you have such a claim or would like to consult with us regarding an employment matter, please do not hesitate to contact us.  

When individuals are falsely and improperly arrested with no just cause, they make seek legal remedies for such false arrest and unlawful detention.  Malicious prosecution claims may be available for those who believe they are falsely charged with a crime. When a lack of probable cause for initiating the proceeding exists and actual malice was involved in the prosecution, then a case  may be brought.  We know the value of such claims since we have years of experience in both the prosecution and defense of these claims. This is vital to our clients who wish to settle their claims early and without the costs of time-consuming litigation.  Should you have such a claim, contact us and speak with our team of first-chair trial attorneys who can guide you to the best possible outcome for your case.

Accessibility to persons with disabilities is not just good for business, it is also the law.  A significant part of our practice is assiting our clients in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) and thus avoiding exposure to protracted and often expensive litigation. The solution is often just educating our clients on compliance with the ADA. There are times, however, when our clients are unjustly accused of noncompliance and we have defended such cases to rightful resolutions and/or dismissals.  Call us should you have questions regarding this area of law or need assistance in keeping your business as accessible as possible for all potential patrons.