Our law firm offers our clients the best possible legal services at affordable rates.  We can do this because we have the experience to sift through the myriad of issues surrounding most cases at the early stages of litigation and get right to the heart of the case quickly and effectively.  Unlike some other law firms, we are not in the business of billing our clients excessive fees and spending countless hours on inconsequential issues.  We have high standards and we are honest and protect our clients’ interests, which builds an everlasting bond.  We understand a case’s value like nobody’s business and insist on quick resolution whenever possible so our clients can save time and money in the process.  When the other side gets tough, however, we get tougher and take them to trial, where we often win, and win big!   

Critical to the core of our practice is our trial experience, which gives us the capacity to accurately understand the critical issues that will surround most cases.  This is a major aspect of our practice and what sets us apart from other law firms and lawyers who just don’t match up to our experience.  We have a deep intuitive understanding of how people react to cases because our team has handled thousands of them and taken many of the most significant cases to jury trials.  

Just as important is our knowledge acquired from many years of litigation from both sides of the bench.  We understand when our client needs to start a lawsuit in order to obtain rightful compensation as opposed to what she is being offered to settle her case.  On the other hand, we are keenly aware of what it feels like to be sued wrongfully and have defended many of our clients with dismissals at trial from such questionable claims.  This experience is what sets us apart from the vast majority of law firms and we work diligently to ensure that our clients attain the best possible outcome.  We also impart this knowledge to our clients, which in turn enables them to better understand their case and navigate it to the rightful resolution.   

In short, we are not a cookie-cutter law firm.  We don’t just talk the talk, look the part or hang our egos on the wall.  What we will do is tell you the truth about your case, work with you to save on legal fees and expenses and, if we accept your case, we will be there for you and remain steadfast and tied hip-to-hip until your case is disposed of or settled.  That is our promise to you.  But don’t just take our word for it, ask our clients and the opposing law firms that have litigated against us.  They can attest to our skills more than we can ever say on a webpage.  Call them and then call us. It is our privilege to consult with you about your case.